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Land Lines is an addicting game from Google that turns scribbles into satellite images | WIRED

In another version of the tool called “drag” you can pull your cursor over the page, and Land Lines will create a continuous line that connects different landscapes with similar geometries. On the technical page, Lieberman explains that developing Land Lines was a matter of figuring out how to distinguish similar lines from a diverse set of images. “It’s easy to take out a piece of tracing paper, throw it on Skip Tracing top of a printout of one of these photos, and draw the lines that your eye sees,” he writes. “But in general computer vision algorithms for finding lines tend to not work well across very diverse images.” Lieberman wanted a tool that would generate matches, on its own, almost instantaneously. So he tracked down edge- and ridge-detecting algorithms, to  help automate the line-finding process. It’s hard to predict what image a gesture will surface. A semi circle might match to an island off the coast of Australia. Draw a similar curve and it will show you a crop circle in Saudi Arabia. Straight Paid Skiptracing tools and diagonal lines match mostly to human-made features like roads and rows of crops—but nature still surprises, from time to time, with an uncannily straight shoreline, or outcrop in Australia’s Northern Territory.

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